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Little singing boy…

December 16, 2022
Micah (with hat pulled to his eyes)

Come and see! My daughter and son-in-law told us to come and see him. Pa rum pum pum pum…

Joy, excitement, determined, my grandson, Micah, was so happy to be there. This was his first time to perform…it was a simple act. And we were there to see it all. He had come to give it his all and to be a part of something he had never done or seen before. Micah was turning 4 years-old and ready to celebrate the season, and his birth. He didn’t really understand it all but he came to sing and do his best.

Sometimes in our adult living we forget to bring our best or decide not to bring our finest gifts. I was taught to do my best to honor to my parents and most importantly to please God. In everything I do I should be lifting up God in my efforts, just like this little boy did. It wasn’t much, it was just his simple and obedient desire to please his parents and family. He simply gave out of what he had to offer. Pa rum pum pum pum…

So, as his family watched (and unashamedly waved and smiled at him), he sang, and he performed, and he gave himself to the moment. He sang his best, and it was good, and it brought smiles and joy to his family. Then I realized this was not for us this was a moment he was performing for Jesus, he was singing his best for Him. He was created to bring praise to God and he did, to the King of Kings, the one who was born for us. We should sing, and act, and live our best for him. Pa rum pum, pum, pum.

It was a simple act…just his voice and his smile.

Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum. A new born king to see, pa rum pum, pum, pum. I played my best for him


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