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Life changes…

May 15, 2023

It just does! One moment you are celebrating a new marriage with joy and happiness, the next, you are having a funeral, and in sadness and loss, you are remembering a life well lived. There are times when life is just smoothly moving along, and then there are times, we feel every ache and pain and sickness that comes our way. Life just changes, and even though we may get better at coping with those changes, changes come and life gets complicated and brings on emotional heaviness. The result may be loss of sleep and rest, and you begin to reflect on your humanness. Even in happiness and joy, when a baby arrives, or you have a new job, or starting something new in your life, these changes still weigh on us, we feel them and live them out.

With those changes comes growth, challenge, and struggle. It’s like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon, a metamorphosis of hope. Thinking and believing that in that process, change will bring good to us, and a new life. I believe that God uses all of it. Sometimes it is not what I want, but life changes, it just comes, and all of sudden we are in it. And I mean we are in it!

I have never been afraid of change. In fact I have embraced it at times and looked forward to it. I have learned, endured, and struggled through those changes, and yet survived and moved on. Scripture says, “all thing work together for the good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Why would God use change in our lives? Could those changes be for a purpose, and could he not use the sadness as well as the joy to bring change in my life? Could he not use the times of being in the dumps and loss to call to me, to redirect my steps, my thoughts, my heart?

Sometimes change is hard, but if the Lord can use it to bring me to him, Lord, I want it. Lord, I need it. No matter what, life changes. I just celebrated my grandson’s two-year old birthday, the same weekend of Mother’s Day, the first one without my mom being here. It was a lot of internal emotion going on, but I trust in God, he is my lead and my direction when life changes. I do know there are good and healthy ways to help you get through change, but God must be our first step in dealing with change.

I just have to keep on trusting him…life changes, but I know he is in it, I know he can use it, and I know he will be glorified through it.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on you down understanding; in all you ways, (all your changes) submit to him, and he will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


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