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Who is René Maciel?

Spiritually, I am my Father’s son. I am my father’s son because my dad, Eleazar Maciel, led our family to Jesus and modeled for me what it meant to be a Christ follower. My dad’s name “Eleazar,” means God is our help. I realize now how my Father in heaven sent me an earthly father to guide me, to teach me, and to be my help. God is my help, and I will strive to walk as Jesus walked and as my father, Eleazar, walked.

Professionally, I am the Missions Pastor at First Woodway and most recently served as the president of Baptist University of the Américas since May 2007 and the President of the Texas Baptist Convention, 2015-2016.

Intertwined with my (Baptist flavored) faith is a calling to connect men and women to a life of following and trusting Christ. Connecting others to this life calls me to live my life as I am involved in the community. Like Christ, I am called to go into all of the world and love God and love people.

I read, write some, play some golf, run, cycle, lead worship, and love to preach the Word of God.

I’m on a journey to be all that God intends for me to be, trusting God to be my help. Thanks for walking with me.

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