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February 25, 2014

Sometimes we forget who we are…  We lose ourselves, in life, in problems, in family, and sometimes in all that we are doing.  We start to act like others, or take on the same thoughts as the culture around us.  We become blinded or we lose focus.  We don’t remember who we are, we are lost in our thoughts and our feelings, and our spirit.  

The Bible says, we were created in His image, the image of the one true God.  Yet, because of sin and way sin corrupts our thoughts, we are lost, sometimes to point of changing to be accepted by everyone else, sometimes to the point of death.  

When self takes over, we no longer allow God to be in our lives, we forget that we are His creation.  When we do surrender our lives to Christ, scriptures says, “he is a new creation, the old corrupt man is gone and the new has come”.  It also says this about who we are, “so in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.”  

My all time favorite Disney movie, Lion King, has a great scene where Mufasa appears to Simba and says, “remember who you are”.  Sometimes we do forget who we are, But Christ wants to restore our identity and rightful place as children of the King…remember who you are! 

This world does not identify who you are!  Your identity is in Christ!

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