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New York, New York!

March 24, 2015

People from all over the world come to the City, many people, and many languages. There were lights, shopping, Broadway shows, great food, and the City never stops.  As I had a chance to walk along side, bump into, sit with, and talk to people, I was reminded of God’s incredible love for His creation. Many of the people walking through the streets were walking aimlessly, maybe they were headed to jobs, to family, to their homes, to meet up with others, but many were probably living their lives without purpose, and without meaning.   You could see it, they were so consumed by the lights, the spectacle, the money, the distractions of life, that they has lost their real identity.

I understand that you can lose your identity anywhere, in the country, on a farm, as a truck driver constantly on the road, as a housewife, sometimes we just get lost. But in spite of how lost we get in this life, God, the Creator of all things, is still madly in love with us and pursues after us daily, on the bus, on the train, at our jobs, and on the streets as we are walking down the middle of Times Square.

He pursues after us to bring significance and to fill the longing we each have in our souls. A longing for something beyond ourselves, a deeper satisfaction than any lights and activities of any city. God has installed this longing in everyone of us, and the only true way to satisfy that longing is come to a realization that you were created and designed to bring glory to our Creator, not glory to the creation.

I am guilty…many times I am amazed at the creation, New York City was amazing! Then God reminds me that He sent His one and only Son to bring us life and significance.

It was a great trip to the New York, it was bright, it was fast, it was exciting, it was a reminder that God is pursue after His creation, you.

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