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A Reunion!

August 4, 2015

It was great to be home this past weekend, I mean home where I grew up…Tucumcari, New Mexico.  It was the annual Rattler Reunion, and almost every year I travel back to New Mexico just like so many other classmates to catch up and see how age is taking affect.  The Rattler Reunion is a great event as the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 year classes are recognized and gather to celebrate and reminisce with many more Rattlers from other years also joining in on the Reunion.  It is always a wonderful turnout and so good to catch up with old friends from high school days.

I love seeing those friends and remembering our moments and special times together in high school.  The Reunion gives us a chance to find out where we have landed, see how life has treated us, and also who has left us.  I have such great memories of high school and those friends.  I also cherish growing up in Tucumcari, it was a wonderful place to live, go to school, and develop some early foundations for my life.

The greatest foundation by far was how my family was in the church.  It wasn’t alway that way, mom actually had to drag and persuade and bribe me to go before my dad had a wonderful life change.  It was then that I changed and the church became that foundation, that hope, that constant memory of new life.  So for me, those memories are even sweeter as I am thankful for the life and friends that God has given me.

As I drove away from Tucumcari last weekend, it was sad to leave, but I left there many years ago with sweet memories that will last my lifetime.  I also left there with a firm foundation for life, and for a bigger Reunion one day.

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