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What a gift!

December 12, 2016

What a gift! I have received a lot of wonderful gifts in my lifetime, like my first bike, and the record player I wanted as a kid, not to mention that army set with a rifle and bayonet, canteen, two grenades, and a lookalike army helmet (which I lost right away as I stuck my head out of the car window on the highway). I also remember my first ID bracelet from my girlfriend in junior high, it was so special to me and I wore it for three whole months. More incredible gifts came later in life, my wife, Sabrina, is an amazing life-long gift; my daughters are also precious gifts, not to mention the bonus son-in-law Ryan who is an answer to prayer.  I am so thankful for how God has blessed me, some would say that I am lucky, and I agree. There is one gift that made so many other gifts possible. This gift has molded me and shaped me into who I am, this gift was sometimes taken for granted, and I didn’t realize at times how precious and wonderful it was. This gift was not a perfect gift, but in that imperfection I still had a great gift. I wish that gift was still around, I lost it.

My dad would have turned 91 yesterday, December 11, 2016. I remembered…and I missed him, I miss that gift. The definition of a gift is “something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone.” I do realize that my dad was a gift from God. He showed me and family great favor by the dad who loved his wife, loved his family, and above all…loved God. My heavenly Father, gave me a gift, the gift of a wonderful earthly father, a gift that I will never forget. What a gift!

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  1. What a beautiful note. Thank you 😊

  2. Kim Scott permalink

    I didn’t realize your dad and I share a birthday. Parents are a gift. They teach us how to live on earth as a representation of God’s lovingkindness, protection, and provision in His stead. I am grateful for the gift of your ministry at First Woodway – it has only just begun and I look forward to seeing how He represents Himself in you, to our community. Thank you for saying YES, Rene.

    • My Father used a wonderful father to show me how to follow my Father. Grateful to be led here. To God be the glory.

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