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Not wanted…

January 7, 2017
He wasn’t a purebred, he was just one of many.  He was a nuisance and was not desirable.  Reminds me of me.  The scriptures says “there is none righteous”.  I have faults and I am broken and sinful.  Why would God want me?  Yet, God in His infinite love demonstrated it by sending His one and only Son for us; to have a relationship with us, to bring us close to His side, to transform us into new people, to provide an eternal home.
I am so grateful for God’s love and compassion.  He has taught me how to do the same even with a dog from the pound.  This dog was a puppy looking for someone to take him home, love him, and give him a chance; and we took that chance and took him home.  Over the last 11 years we have loved him, cared for him, and even learned lessons from Him.
We could have easily called him “Fruits” because this dog exemplified the “fruits of the Spirit.”  He loved us, that was easy to see.  He was happy and joyful always, (especially around meal time).  He was peaceful and calm even when children were in his face.  He was patient with us even when we weren’t patient with him.  He was as kind and good as a dog could be and as faithful as a purebred dog.  This dog was gentle and mild with every person he encountered, (not so much with other male dogs).  Finally he was under control because his master and home changed him.  Like the Master changes us, his master and home changed him from undesirable to a new creation, a beloved pet and a part of the family.
I learned a lot from him, but most of all God used this pet to teach me about God’s great love for me.  I will miss Cocoa, the purebred dog who had a  home, who had a family, and was dearly loved.
January 1, 2006-January 3, 2017

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