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God loves you

February 3, 2017
God loves you

What a great time I had this week preaching in chapel at Baylor University. I worked at Baylor for over 13 years, my wife and I received degrees from Baylor, and I have had many cousins, nieces and nephews also attend and receive degrees. My mom and dad also attended and my dad graduated in 1952 then later in 1990 he became the first Hispanic regent at Baylor. Since I was a child coming to Waco to see my grandparents, I have always had a great fondness for Baylor.
“That Good Old Baylor Line…We’ll fling our green and gold afar…to light the ways of time…and guide us as we onward go…That Good Old Baylor Line.”

So as I preached to 4000 students my prayer was that God would guide and direct my words, and that He would also guide the hearts of those students to a greater understanding of God’s amazing love for them. I was actually surprised at the number students who were very engaged and listening, thankful. Then as I looked across the audience, there were also many who were checked out, asleep, or just apathetic to the message and time of worship.

My heart and my attention was drawn to them, those who for whatever reason had no interest in hearing about God’s passion for them. I understand it could have been the messenger, but my spirit still was burdened for them. They are studying at such a wonderful place of learning and guidance. How could they miss the true guidance and light in that environment? How could they miss a God who deeply, stubbornly, and eternally insists on loving each and every one of them? I am grateful for the number of students who listened with their ears and hearts, and I pray for those students who need to understand that God has a passionate and enduring love for them.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to share with the students at Baylor University and for reminding me that even when I fall asleep on you or when I am distant with you, you still love me dearly.

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