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It’s been a year…

November 16, 2017

I cannot believe it has been a whole year. As I get older time just moves by so fast, but memories and life lessons still happen and become etched in our minds.  It is like I have lived in two worlds, two wonderful and incredible worlds.  They are very different, but I treasure them both as precious moments God is using to still form me into the man of God He wants me to be.

One world, an academic setting, predominantly Hispanic community, a very difficult and challenging leadership role.  The very first day I was in that role I realized that this was going to be a God thing, there was no way I could do this, I wasn’t really qualified.  God reminded me that He does the qualifying, He calls and we must obey His leadership.  Despite my inadequacies, He had a plan.  In that environment, I learned so much from my culture, my hermanos, and hermanas, God taught me so much in that world and it wasn’t easy but if we allow Him… He will lead us.

The second world, a church, a predominantly Anglo community, a whole new learning experience for me.  I have felt called and used in ministry for many years – in a Christian educational role and now in the church. I am eager to serve and lead, but I also want to let God show me His way, His will, to wait on Him and His perfect time. I love serving the church. I am learning so much from the incredible leaders around me. I also once again realize how inadequate I am to lead, but He has called me to this place and I am following.

Two different worlds, two challenges, but in this year God has brought these two experiences together to reveal His way in my life.  I am truly blessed by God’s call in my life, I am trusting Him and asking Him to use me. The Scripture says, If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.

I am following and asking Him to lead me…I look forward to another year of seeing His hand in my life.

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