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Every family has a superhero…

December 20, 2017

Every family has a superhero…this includes my family.  I have seen it, I’ve witnessed a superhuman effort and courage for some time now.  It has been amazing to see the endurance and perseverance, but also the patience that you normally don’t see in people especially today.

This superhero has gone through two knee replacements and one hip surgery and cares for an aging mother who has a struggle hearing but still has a lot of fight in her.  What incredible spirit it has taken for her to carry on and work, cook, clean, and care for children, family, and also finish her undergraduate degree 30 years later.  On top of all of that she has been losing weight and dealing with the stigma society places on people who are overweight, by the way she has lost 125 pounds.  She has to be superhuman…how could she have done all those things and still press on.  She is a strong lady and a picture of extraordinary strength and will power.  I would say the strength came from her father, but I also see in her the strength of her mother.

I am convinced that this is not on her own, she had an earthly father who closed his bedroom door and spoke to his heavenly Father about her daily.  I am sure he wept and agonized over his baby girl, hoping for health and happiness for her.  His prayer has been answered for years as she continues to be a strength to her family, to me and my family, and to her mother.

I am so grateful for my sister Annette…by the way she is an amazing cook and just about cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal for us this year with energy to spare.  She is amazing…and I know her strength comes from the Lord.

Definition: superhero-a very heroic person, a successful person.  I would say she is successful in all that she has done.  Not successful according to this world, successful according to God, “honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs 31:31.

I love you Annette, Happy Birthday!

(photo left to right, Annette, René, and Toni)


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