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Three Days!

March 26, 2014

Just recently I had the opportunity to spend three days with my mom all by myself. I know this is not a long time compared to my sister who lives with her, but for me, it was the longest time I had ever spent with her by myself.

 She turns 90 in a few months, her arthritis keeps her in pain, she battles with her hearing, and these particular three days she had a cough and sickness coming on. We were not just together, we were traveling, traveling to see her sister and then driving her back to her home. Two of the three days we were on the road but I treasured every moment with her. 

 In spite of her coughing and struggling to hear, it was a blessing to talk to her, listen to her, and just enjoy our time.  It was a blessing to hear her talk about dad, and her family, and her faith in God. It was a blessing to see how her mind is still so sharp as she remembers names and dates so well. It was a blessing to see her care and cry over her sister even at her age, not thinking of herself, her pains, her struggles, but of others.  It was a blessing to hear her laugh, and smile, and still enjoy life and family.

I learned a lot about my mom in those three days, but I also prayed… prayed I would be like her when I am into my nineties.  But I also prayed that her joy and contentment in whatever circumstance would be contagious in my life. 

It was just three days, but I learned so much about my mom and the person that she is. And when I finally got her home, it was amazing to see her love and care for my sister even though she was only gone three days.  

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