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April 1, 2014

Lately I have heard so many people talking about changes.  Nobody likes changes. Changes can sometimes be unsettling, they take us out of our routine. We have been comfortable with the way things have been, it’s familiar, it’s easy, it’s the way it has always been. “I don’t want to change,” especially as we get older we like the way we have always eaten our eggs, made our coffee, sat in the same chair, and listened to the same music. We don’t want change to come into our lives.

 But I am also reminded that Jesus brought change. It’s says in scripture, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and the Magi where asking where is the king of the Jews, King Herod was disturb and all Jerusalem with him. Even as a baby, Christ brought change and brought a disturbance. Later he told some to follow him, and they left everything including their families to follow. Christ even told His disciples that if you want a change in your life you will have to deny yourself and take up the cross. Jesus brought change, He brings changes in our lives daily. Sometimes we embrace those changes like when we get what we want, other times we avoid them and cry out, “why me”?

 I do believe that change is God’s way of bringing newness in our lives. Every time God has brought change in my life, He continues to grow me, expand me, and develop my follow-ship of Him. It is a matter of trusting Him in that change.

 It is like medicine, I don’t always like it, but it has made me better. I am also reminded as I looked in the mirror this morning that I am changing…changing from this life… to the next.

 Change is coming!



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