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On the road again…

February 11, 2015

8-1113tm-vector2-3570It seems like the older I get, the more I don’t enjoy leaving my home, I don’t want to be “on the road again”!  My job still requires that I do a lot of traveling, so after awhile the road gets old.  I do enjoy going to new places and seeing new sights but after a day or so, I am ready for my home and my family.  Maybe we were created with a passion for home, and of family?

My dad in last dads kept saying that he was ready to go home, and we thought he meant his house, his home here on earth, but he was talking about another home.  He lived a long life, and had traveled many miles throughout his lifetime. He finally reached a place where he was tired of being on the road, tired of this life, and ready to be home.  The home and house that God had been preparing for him.

Right now I am still traveling, I’m on the road again, but one day, one day I will be home.  Home with my heavenly Father, and home with my family, my dad.

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