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Valentines Day!

February 16, 2015

happy-valentines-day-background_M1c5FouOValentines Day has come and gone, but daily I reminded of the gifts of love from God.  My girls, they are a gift and a blessing in my life.  I don’t see them everyday so every time they are home or I am around them I realize that they are a gift of love from God.

I love giving gifts, it is a way of expressing my love to my wife and my girls.  It brings joy to them, but it also brings joy and satisfaction to me.  Think about the many gifts you have received in your life, then think about the treasured ones, like your family and friends.  They are truly gifts that bring difference to our lives, they bring moments of seeing God’s love for us.  It is amazing how we feel when we are loved, when we are together, when we realize how special they are in our lives.

I celebrate a day of love every day, a day to be thankful for the gifts of love God that has given to me, my girls.  They are God’s way of saying to me “I love you”.

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