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Don’ be anxious!

February 26, 2015

Despair Or Hope Directions On A Signpost“Don’t be anxious about anything.”  Honestly I am anxious about a lot of things!  Everyday is a new challenge and a new issue that comes my way and I become anxious.  I really do believe I grew up that way.  I had wonderful parents, a great home, a good childhood experience, plus I even grew up in the church.  Why should I be anxious?

Could it be that I just have too much on my plate, or maybe my job is very demanding, or maybe I need some rest and relaxation?  I have a wonderful home and wife, a great job, God has blessed me in many ways, blessed with two beautiful daughters and perfect son-in-law.  Why would I be anxious?

The word “anxious” means worried, uneasy, nervous, uncertain, troubled, and antsy.  Maybe it is because I am not perfect, still functioning with this old nature, not complete.  Could it be that God is redeeming me daily from sin and brokenness, that He is still working on me.  I am flawed, I am sinful, and I am anxious.  I do realize He died and rose again that I may have a new life, and I do experience that through Him, but I also know that I am in need of Savior.

The rest of that scripture says, in every situation, “pray”, that is the secret, let God know that you are broken, weak, and anxious.  He knows, and He still loves you.

I am still very glad that His Word reminds, don’t be anxious…

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