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LOL means…

February 22, 2015

IMG_5018_2 IMG_1168I know it means “laugh out loud”but for me it means “loyal, obedient, and loving.”  Last night I sat up all night with my dog Hunny, and I watched the life ebb out of her.  She was a great dog, very loyal, Golden Retrievers are like that, so obedient, she was always listening for us, and so loving, it didn’t matter what kind of day you had or how you treated her, she was going to love you.  I am always amazed how God uses things in our life to draw us near to Him, He used Hunny.  He used her to teach me about how God wants me to be loyal and faithful, and how He wants me to follow and be obedient, and that His love is unconditional, and always.

Like God wants to give us…she gave us great joy, happiness, and she always made us laugh.  I guess “LOL” is right in this situation!  Lord thank you for using Hunny to help me “laugh out loud”, and to draw me into your love.

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