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We are family…

April 9, 2015

I was reminded today of how special my family is to me.  We know Christ as our Savior, a relationship passed down to us from my abuelita who prayed and read her Bible daily and passed it on to her family.  We love each other, a love that God has blessed and protected.  We like being around each other, we always enjoy the time we have together, we laugh, we cry, and we are thankful for those special moments.

We are not perfect, and there are times we struggle with life, but when we stop to think about how to move on, we always call on the family.  We are always amazed at how God uses our family to draw us closer to Him, deeper in our walk with Him.  There are also times that we see ourselves in each other, an action, a gesture, a smile, something that reminds us of each other.  A reminder of God’s hand on our lives through our family.  I am so glad my daughters have their mothers looks, but I also see myself in many ways through my girls, good and bad.

God has great intentions for the family, mostly to remind us of His incredible love for us as children of God, heirs to God, joint-heirs to Christ.  A family is a gift from God, a place in life, a home, a comfort, and today, a rare gift.

Take some time to spend with your family, don’t miss those precious God moments of being with family.  They won’t last forever, but the moments we do have, remember, we are family… and that is special.

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