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April 17, 2015

It was the same month, the same conference, the same hotel, here I am again. It was April of 2011 that I received a phone call from my dad. I remember standing in a hallway of the hotel talking with him, almost with a sense of knowing he was calling me to let me know his life was running out, like he knew that he only had months.
It is really sobering to be here again, to be in the same place at the same time of the year. Even these past few weeks I have wished to talk to him, to have him praying for me, and just to even know that he had already been praying for me.
I am grateful for the memories of my father, even the difficult ones of his last months on this earth. I believe memories are God’s way of reminding us that His love for us is eternal. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, His love continues, it never misses, it is always. He reminds us, we can look back at many things and many moments and see His pursuit and desire for us. We can remember His constant care and blessings through people, situations, and through pain, we have great memories. Memories that will last this lifetime and take us into His eternal arms, and for me, to be joined once again with my dad.
I miss him, but I have great memories of his love for me, just like my Heavenly Father.

Thanks for the memories…

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